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What if more is possible than you've previously thought?

Your Consciousness Matters.

Square peg, round hole? I know what you mean.

Are you ready for a different life? a different reality that you know, somehow, exists, but have no idea how to get there? 

There's an energy field that all life is surrounded by, that all matter floats in... 

But the everyday world says no. Just be the tool the company or family or relationships want you to be and if you're not happy with that, you're a failure, or selfish, or weird. 

Maybe you've been aware of things falling apart and wondering if maybe that's not such a bad thing, but what to do with that as far as paying the bills and doing carpool and taking care of business... and still wanting to change and make the world a better place.

That energy field, out beyond good and bad and right and wrong, out where life truly lives, is here for you, now. And if you are ready to do whatever it takes to live from that lusciousness, freedom, and truth, welcome. 

You know you have what it takes and here you will find the tools, processes, and techniques for clearing blocks, sweeping away conclusions, assumptions, projections and more misinformation that's been clogging your system, clouding your thinking and vision, so you can step up and out, with your own voice, your own authority and sovereignty, and create what only you can create, from now on and for good, as if by magic. 

Things you can change sooner than you think:

Anxiety                                  Relationship with your body

Emotional Overwhelm     Easier Communication

Other's energies                 More comfort in your body

PTSD                                      Grow your business easily

Neck & Shoulder pain       Sense of connectedness

Stomach & Digestion        Improve Money Flows

Improve Sleeping               Ease & fun with Energy

Delia Yeager ~ Dynamic Energy Coaching
You Changing Your Reality Now

If there are possibilities available to you that you have never imagined, would you take them?


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If you like short recommendations here it is – hire Delia as your coach. As someone who has done a lot of personal development prior to coming to Delia, she’s the best coach I’ve had.

Now for the long version. 😊

My daughter recommended Delia to me after my 18-year-old business went from moderate success to great success and then to collapsing. But throughout the time, even when making a lot of money, running it was both a joy and pain. There was no doubt I was successful, not just in business, but with a great marriage (30 years), great kids and grandkids. But I always lived in drama. Delia works in a different way than anyone I had encountered before. More about my energy and how I am and less about what I do. One of the biggest thing I’ve learned is how to tell the difference between me and my story about me.

The difference between where I am now and where I was a couple of years ago is dramatic – one could even say miraculous. But getting here required a different way of being than what I’d experienced on my own.


Delia does things differently, and I haven’t met a coach like her. As a direct result of working with her, I am more peaceful, motivated and happy. Actually, the biggest thing is I am very grateful for my life.

It’s hard to explain and if you are looking for answers you’re not going to get them from Delia, but you will get access to who you really are. And as you progress, you will have more good things just show up in your life – because that’s how the universe works.


Delia is a great coach, and I highly recommend her. While she will give you a lot of tools, they are about you being aware of who you are and releasing the limitations you learned in your past. Working with Delia will help you create your life beyond what you think is possible. 


BTW – I continue to work with Delia – as there is value working with her no matter where you are.

Al Shalloway - Director, Thought Leadership for Agile at Scale Programs


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