What if more is possible than you've previously thought?

Your Consciousness Matters.

You and your sweet body are aware of so much more than conventional wisdom says is possible. 

We are biochemical beings, as the medical world describes, but we are also electromagnetic beings. 

Every atom and molecule has an electromagnetic aspect, and electromagnetic particles are energy. 

Everything is made of energy - all matter, no matter what. and energy has no boundaries, no barriers. 

Have you ever noticed that if you have a guitar and a piano in the same room, and you pluck the C string on the piano, the C string on the guitar will vibrate? Resonance. 

Right now it's never been more apparent how every thing and every body is connected energetically.

All aspects of society are getting an operating system upgrade, like it or not, as are each of us individually.

This was true even before the novel virus Corona-19. Since March, it's just blazingly obvious all over the world. Even people who 1 year ago would never think or speak in terms of energy are talking about it now. 

It's no longer a question of if - if you are empathic, or psychic, or energetically aware, but how to deal with it, how to interpret and comprehend what's going on you for in a world going mad, aka, healing. 

Your wellbeing has never been more valuable to you than now. 

Your body/mind/personality/thinking detoxing and decontaminating has never been more important to you, and your future, than now. 

Hi. I'm Delia Yeager and I am a Conscious Energic Awareness Coach & Energy Healer. I am so glad you are here. 

Things you want less of              Things you desire more of

Anxiety                                             Calm

Fear                                                   Confidence

Survival energy                              Thriving energy

Threat energy                                 Unlimited unstoppablilty

Powerlessness                                PowerFULL

Money stuff                                      Easy flow with money

Low energy                                      Enthusiasm

Delia Yeager ~ Energetic Awareness Coach, energy Healer &

Dynamic Change Facilitator

If there are possibilities available to you that you have never imagined, would you want to know about them? Don't say yes if you want things to go back to how they were!


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