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Everything is energy. You can feel the vibes.

Consciousness, Energy & Awareness Training

You know things. You have hunches, you get a gut feeling, you have a "sense" of this or that.

But how to have those "senses" of this and that more often, reliably even? You've come to the right place, to learn how to live that way. Practically. Magically. Pragmagically.

You may be so aware of the pains and limits that you've experienced in your life that you think they are who you are, or tell the truth about what is or isn’t possible. What if that’s not the case? What if there are more possibilities available to you than you’ve allowed for? Would you want to that? More possibilities than you’ve allowed for?

If you’ve been trying hard to create the life of your dreams, and have instead been living through a lot of hardness, anxiety, scarcity, and are ready for something totally different, we can do that.

Have you ever had the sense that there are others, sometimes people in our lives or sometimes a sense of “others,” entities that don't want you to feel better or succeed or be free or bloom or thrive? A haunted feeling, or like opportunities come up and are wonderful, but then they somehow disappear, or turn out to not be at all what you thought they’d be?

What if you have conclusions, decisions, deductions, data points that are not accurate that are limiting you and what you can perceive as possible more than you've even been able to see?

We clear that too.

Kinesthetic learning is learning while carrying out activities physically, rather than just listening thinking, or rote memory. Learning by doing is potent. It is how you own the awareness of the whole of the matter, not just mental constructs you can repeat.

Through practicing using the tools (kinesthetic) frequently in the context of your own day, you discover for yourself what works for you and what doesn’t. You discover how to use your own super powers of awareness regularly, to your advantage, and the advantage of all your creations and projects. While this is potent stuff, it is also a lot of fun*!

*Fun, amusement, appreciation – all these energies are enlivening and delightful to the body, and closer to the true energy of You, the infinite being, spirit, than all the seriousness, somber energies allow.

Learn how to get your own information about anything – what is true and generative for you and your life, and what is not. What to spend time and energy on, and what to not waste another moment on. Along the way, you see in a different way what leaders, teachers, and others are doing and use their examples as inspiration of what you desire and require, expanding your sense of possibilities for your own life.

With kinesthetic learning you can rewire your neurology to attract and create more of what you desire and require, instead of attracting and creating more of what you do not want, are afraid of, and resist.

Are you ready to learn new ways to think about things that help you perceive the greater possibilties of you and for you, including your family, business, finances, and everything, that you've never even imagined?

That's where this way of operating leads to - the greater life and You that you know you came here to do & be. More of what you desire and require, and less of what you don’t. Simple, simple and as easy as you will allow it to be. How great is that?

Think of it this way - humans have three types of cones in our eyes, allowing us to see the colors red through violet. Mantis shrimp, on the other hand, have 16 types of cones.

It's simple biology and physics that we cannot see everything with our physical eyes, and yet with some training, we can learn to be aware of more than we can see. As if by magic.

Practical Magic. Living pragmagically.

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