A-bun-dance! Club

What if there is a whole different way for you to your sweet body, to family/friends, to work, tasks, time, scheduling, money and every little thing about how you create and generate money and your whole life-living?

What if there are amazing, easy, fun, powerful ways to commune with the lusciousness of Life and  and how you live/thrive/grow/create with it?

What if there are ways to use your consciousness not for taking time out to meditate, but to check all the way IN to your life, living, relationships, business, finances, ease, joy and dynamic creating?

Is now the time to begin instituting creative conscious awareness into your life and living, your banking, investments, business and everything else included?

Ready for MORE fun, clients, freedom, money, and creativity, knowing that You are the MOST generative force in your life and business?

Then sign up now and let’s do this.

You get:

- Weekly Zoom group coaching calls Feb. 23 to May 10th  - $2,000 value               
- A Private FB page for posting between calls - $400 value      
- MP3 of the calls
- MP3 of AM and PM energy practices  -  $800 value
  and so much
Why $3,200 value for $585? Because you said you really want the program, but couldn't afford the full price. So now it's time for you to choose You as the most valuable thing in your life. 
There are even special options to add private sessions during the program, as requested.  

12 Weeks - 3 Months More A-bun-Dance for You

Single payments                                      Monthly payments

pay once and for all                                          monthly payments for all


Use this button for a                                   Use this button for
single $585 payment                                   3  X $200 payments





Whole package plus                                       Whole package plus 
3 private sessions  
$1,140                              3 private sessions  
X $395


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