Access Bars
What if you could feel peaceful & energized, happy knowing you can take on the world & that you can't fail?

I found Access Consciousness and Access Bars many years ago.

When I first had my Bars run, it was relaxing but I couldn’t tell what the session had done for me. I just knew that I felt better, smoother, and things just seemed – easier. I love that, so when the opportunity arose, I took the class in how to give Bars sessions.

The more I integrated the Access Tools in with all my energy work, the more I loved how running someone’s Bars eased so much for them, even if they didn’t have words for it. I could see it in their softened face, shoulders relaxed, breathing deeper and easier, and a whole body sense of Ahhhh.

Like a lot of people, I had been trained to believe - and practice – that thinking as the only way to get anywhere.

Having your Bars run is like clearing out the mud and sludge of other people’s information, old programming, conclusions, decisions, assumptions, projections, from you, from past lives, from family and more than I can describe here, and sending it all back to where is belongs or on to its next job, doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is you clear out the “others” stuff and get down to the clear, shining rock bottom of You.

I love doing Bars sessions as they are so gentle yet potent, and help with everything, even if not in the old, limiting, “A + B = C” way. In fact, doing Bars helps to melt all that away too.

And no two sessions are alike, so it is a great adventure.

Freedom you don’t have to work it. How does it get any better than that?

There is so much programming to believe that thinking is the only way to do anything, including changing and healing, and I’ve seen so many people beat themselves up for having not thought their way out of the prison and limits they feel hurting them. But if you could think your way out to a new life and freedom, you would have done it long, long ago. And with Bars, energy work and some new, more accurate information so much melts the very box you’ve been trying and trying to reason your way out of. Such relief!

Everything has changed...and is changing.

I am so much more comfortable in my body Family relationships have changed and gotten easier than ever Money flows have completely transformed & keep getting easier Business is a lot more fun, and growing almost effortlessly I am so much more on my side, and not on my case like before Bars and the tools help tremendously with worth/abuse I see people go from completely stuck to not remembering they were stuck!

You are so much more capable than you’ve maybe never even imagined, and have so much more to contribute; there is so much more that Universe is constantly offering you in support and possibilities -Having your Bars run helps you relax and enjoy all that – and receive more.

I offer Access Bars Sessions in Old Town Alexandria, VA.

Click here to check out the Sacred Circle Bookstore’s Events page for my schedule there. Contact them at (703) 665-1090 to book your Bars session soon.

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