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Over the years, I have coached, trained, read, and done energetic healing work with over 5,000 amazing, lovely people. From absolute beginner to energy and healing to other teachers and professionals.  

I've trained with a variety of energetic healers, in different modalities, Akashic Records use in reading and healing, all guided and cooperatively with the host of amazing & generous Light Beings that are my team, my posse. 

My mission originally was to get out of emotional, psychological hell myself, then to give others the tools to help themselves when they were suffering at 3AM on a Tuesday morning with Rat Brain overthinking, plagued by entities and terrorized by it all. 

Back in the day I was in the rooms of AA, Alanon, Adult Children of Alcoholics and realized that as long as the world tells us we are "just a body," cells, atoms, stuff a camera can see and photograph, when in fact we are soooo much more, and even infinite - that discrepancy right there is crazy-making, and flat out wrong. The rooms are full of psychics, fishes out of water, mystics and healers all suffering from believing someone else's definition of them over believing in their own information. And most were abused unfairly as children, but made whatever it was their own fault,  with the mandate, instructions, projections and condemnation of the adults, usually the perpetrators and original betrayers of trust. Also deeply crazy-making. 

A lot of times people seek healing and assistance to simply manipulate self to accept and be more at ease with what is false, and in fact, unacceptable. I know in my beginnings that was my premise - how could I just stop being a pain, and being in pain, and get over whatever I didn't even know what. 

Turned out it wasn't so much acceptance that was required, but expelling the lies, limitations, projections and definitions  of others, and to shine out instead. 


What if you didn't have to go on search-and-destroy missions to chase down the lies or foreign energies - energies from other people or from entities that are not contributing to your thriving -with your thinking, but instead could release all that energetically?


What if all the confusion, discomforts, sensations and pictures you've been experiencing has information for you that when you listen and allow yourself to know what it's telling you, turns out it's really useful - to you - information on how to navigate your life?

What if you could be comfortable in your skin, your mind didn’t attack you, you went to bed smiling and woke up laughing in delight to discover and be you all day long? 


What if all the things you’ve found challenging, difficult, and limiting – what if you could transform all that into ease, joy, flow, and abundance? 


What if you can tap into and be the You that IS the magic you seek, and you are a miracle worker, and now it the time for you to become more consciously aware of and LIVE that way, 24/7 - On Your Side.  


I’ve trained at, studied, and practiced many methods, processes, and modalities over the years.  

The Akashic Records, Energetic Healing, the structure of the creative process, body awareness, improved spirit-body relationship, talking with entities, co-creating with past lives and the dead, and more. With my own Infinite Awareness & Light Beings, I've developed tools, techniques, processes and practices to facilitate and empower thousands of people and now, hopefully, you as well.


I am one of a small number of people working with energy and releasing structures holding pain and fear in place, so you can get the benefit of feeling better faster than you think, and learn to operate that way yourself.  



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