Over the years, I have coached, trained, read, and done energetic healing work with over 5,000 amazing, lovely people. From absolute beginner to energy and healing to other teachers and professionals.  


As I have progressed and changed with the energies of the times, it’s become clear that healing actually is change. It is going from blocked, limited, thwarted to unblocked, unlimited, and flowing.  


What makes a person most crazy is changing themselves to fit into a crazy system. All the over-thinking, over-doing, over-giving, binge-watching, and more are strategies to cope and fit in with others, even others that are unkind, harried, and uncaring.  


What if, instead, you could be comfortable in your skin, your mind didn’t attack you, you went to bed smiling and woke up laughing in delight to discover and be you all day long? 


What if all the things you’ve found challenging, difficult, and limiting – what if you could transform all that into ease, joy, flow, and abundance? 


You are the magic you seek, and you are a miracle worker, and if now it the time for you to become more consciously aware of living that way, let’s do this.  


I’ve trained at, studied, and practiced many methods, processes, and modalities over the years.  


I am one of a small number of people working with energy and structures holding pain and fear in place, so you can get the benefit of feeling better faster than you think, and learn to operate that way yourself.  



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