Head Channel Cleanout

 - less clutter, chatter, less rat-brain

 - you can hear yourself think, and hear how crazy some of those thoughts are

 - you can be kind to yourself more, be on your side more

 - stop fighting and defending 

 - stop fighting you

 - greater ease

 - greater appreciation

 - greater amusement (the most potent healing and transmuting energy there is) 

 - greater ability to perceive infinite possibilities, even in a group of people who say there are none

 - greater capacity to receive more of what you desire and require

There is a lot more to you than what you can see in a mirror, or a camera lens.

All the biology and medical explanations and graphs are great, but we are more than bio-chemical beings. We are electro-magnetic beings as well. We are energy.


Every cell and molecule, down to the smallest building blocks of matter, so every thing you can imagine, at its core, is energy. And energy is conscious. Every cell and molecule has conscious awareness.


A diagram can show you the mechanics of the medulla oblongata, the lobes, the this and the that and what they do and all that. But that’s not all that goes on in the region of the head, because you are not limited to your bodysuit.


A common analogy is that the brain is a computer and that what runs your bodysuit. That is a disservice to and grossly underestimating concept of the body. The body is self-regenerating at alarmingly fast speeds, and the You of you extends way beyond the analogous machine idea. Your body is 1000% more aware than your known-brain, or analyzer, is.


A Head Channel Clean Out is a process of clearing out old conclusions, decisions, subroutines, binary if/then commands, and more that overrides and loops to activate and interfere with how you operate, what you say and do, today.


These old commands and were genius in the situation that you originated them, but that may have been when you were 14, or 4 even, or it could have been in 1876 when you were hurting after the civil war and wanted revenge for your life and fortunes changing so much; or 1463 after you found out that your wealth was why your family was massacred or when you were a ruler of a group that lived thousands of years ago, and communicated only through telepathy with other humans as well as all plants, animals and all the elements.


Over the years I have done over 5,000 past life readings and I’ve been shown and have developed ways of assisting your Higher Self and Akashic Records healer in clearing out the old, stuck energies so you can perceive without the old filters and limits, making being in the present much more ease and natural, or comfortable, for you.


After a head channel cleanout, you can experience so much more ease, you may feel a little like bored or like you have too much free time or energy, as so many of your circuits are actually freed up. Without all the old definitions, conclusions and problems to look out for, avoid or solve, you’ll have the time and headspace to turn your attention to some of your wildest dreams/visions that you desire but could never get to before because you were in too much survival for reasons you could see, but also that you couldn’t see.

This process is subtle, potent, and can be incredibly liberating. Life-changing in ways you may not yet even imagine.



Once you book your session, we'll email to set up your appointment. The Zoom link will be emailed to you an hour before the session.  The session will be recorded, and you'll get the MP3 within 24 hours of the session, so you can take notes during the re-play if you want. 

I will be talking and guiding you some of the time, and I will be silent or talking but not to you at some points. I will let you know as we go, but there are periods of silence during these sessions when I am at work with your Akashic Keeper and others on your unseen team. 

Please look for a space in your schedule where you have about 2 hours to yourself, no interruptions. The session will last around an hour, and you may want unstructured time after to journal, go for a long walk, turn the music up loud and dance & laugh till to collapse or something else. Have a lot of water handy and drink more than usual amounts the following few days. 

You will be lying on your bed or relaxing in a chair, uncrossed legs and hands. You may get cold and/or hot during the session, so have a blanket handy and barriers down.