Your consciousness matters

What if more is possible than you previously thought?
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What would you like to change?


What would you like less of or more ease with?


What Super Powers do you have that you been thinking were defects?


As an Energetic Awareness Coach, Energy Transformer, Teacher, Facilitator, and Guide - if you are ready to go from Re-runs to LIVE, let’s do this.

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Few people know how to catalyze change in people’s bodies, finances, businesses, and lives like Delia.
Here’s some of what people are saying.
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Touching the Surface


“Now I know why you say, “better than you’ve never even imagined.” My life is now better than I never could have imagined 2 years ago. Thank you, Delia!”    

Rock in Sand


How do you do that? How do you say the exact, perfect words–words I didn’t even know I was saying to myself–and then–Boom! You clear them! The energy is gone and my body and my head, neck, and stomach feel so much better ...



“In the clearings, sometimes you use the exact words in my head! It’s freaky, but afterword’s I feel soooo much lighter, clearer and everything is literally brighter!”   

Here’s more of what people are saying.

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