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A Funny Thing About the Holidays

A funny thing about the holiday is that they are everything, all rolled into One.

It may be a season of giving, but it is also a season of receiving, right?

What do you think about most, in the days before Christmas?

Do you think about what crafts to make?

Do you think about friends and family, and what to gift them?

Do you think about how you're going to pay for all the food and the things?

Or how much time you do or don't have?

Do you think about what other people are going to gift you?

Do you think about what other stuff you're going to get for the holidays? Like family judgements, or criticism, or snubs?

Or are all those Christmas' behind you, and now it's just you and your memories and thoughts?

And what is your relationship with money like?

Is it joyful? Gleeful?

Is money fun and free-flowing?

Or have you (or someone else) determined how much hard work is required for money? how others have all the determining power about money, and how limited your share is and always will be you have coming in, so you've made yourself comfortable with that?

What if all the mixed feelings and limits, woundedness and disappointments you've had with money are the resin that's frozen your joy, your freedom & great capacities with Receiving?

What if you could change all that - and more? Would you choose to do that?

What if you could be cheery, joyful, full of the fabulousness of being you, even if some others around you were sad, or mad, or judgy? Would you choose that?

If you want - desire & require - more ease, joy & glory with money, friends/family, receiving and Havingness, join me on the call tomorrow.

You are an infinite being, with a fabulous body, here to change the world, and make life on Earth more luscious and wonder-full.

Join in and get the support to live that reality, instead of the old poo-poo-head reality so many of our friends and loved ones are in. Choose greater for you, and it will be easier for them to do so, in their time. Click here to see upcoming events.

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