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Delia Yeager is an extraordinary Facilitator who Coaches people & Soulopreneurs around the world, empowering them to know what they know, get a bigger perspective, and be who they truly be. 

Delia has given readings & healings with more than 5,000 people since she began giving sessions professionally, about 10 years ago.

“I facilitate and coach people just like you, that know they know stuff, but can’t quite access it on demand, or get foggy headed with self-doubt and confusion. People who have had things happen that left a knot, a mark, a fog, or something tough to navigate with through Life.

So how did I get so lucky?

I went through most of whatever it is – myself.  Trauma, abuse, too-sensitive-for-words, all the why-can’t- just and more.  Click the Read More if you are curious about all that.

All the tools, processes, clearings and more energy techniques that I use in sessions and all calls have been tried and true by thousands of people who continue to discover deeper and immediate effectiveness of changing situations in their everyday life, with people who don’t know or believe in energy, even.

I teach a number of simple yet very effective tools you can use to make significant pragmatic and magical differences in any situation in your life. And in private sessions, I use other energy techniques to assist your deep healing growth and change in the areas of your life that you choose.  

What is possible for you includes vast possibilities that are beyond your story of you, life and everything.  But don’t take my word for it.  Join in a Zoom call, private session or class, and see for yourself.

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I grew up sensitive, and very aware, in the 1950-1960’s South, in Houston, Texas.

Born into a rambunctious family of 8, to an ex-Marine Sargent from Houston and a Librarian artist from Iowa, we were proudly Irish Roman Catholic, Liberal, social-conscious activist who prayed twice at dinner time. Before dinner we said grace, and after dinner, we prayed for specific friends and family, as well as the community in general, society, and then the President and elected officials and the world, for ease of pain and suffering, to bring more peace, justice and wellbeing into all societies. 

I worked in my first political campaign when I was 6, stuffing envelopes, to help elect officials to stop segregation, bring in voters rights, civil rights legislation, to vote out blatant racists, to bring about that more perfect union the founding fathers mandated we work for. 

My mother, with 6 kids under 8 years old, got inventive by the time I was about 2 and started what we called Yeager School. Meaning she would put us on the back porch (with the back door locked so we couldn’t escape!) that was lined on the bottom with chalkboards and screened in on the top. We had chalk, paper and watercolor and crayons, and clay. We could play with whatever medium we wanted, and we did. For what seemed like for hours. It was fabulous.

Things my mother always said: “Delia, you read too much into things!”

And, “if you’re not creating, making art or cooking or something, every day, you’re not living.”

Art, Politics, Community, raising awareness, civic duties in exchange for the privileges we enjoyed and gratitude for the grace we lived by.  All wonderful and worthwhile, but other things were going on, too. 

I was the runt of the litter, “the Baby,” a title I always loathed, and different but neither knowing in what way nor wanting to be. I thought I just wanted to belong, yet not wanting to “be like any of you people!”

Whenever I wanted to fit in or belong, I lost myself.

Whenever I’ve been true to myself, I’ve been more at peace than the story of circumstance can explain or allow for. 

The pains, oppressive programming, cultural invalidates that I experienced growing up, it was the water I swam in, too much a part of everything to see the particulates.

I started seeking answers and better questions early. Fell in love with Shakespeare when I was 12 and started a daily writing practice that I’ve kept up ever since.

Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning – we are in charge of the meanings of things in our lives; Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving - trust people to look out for their interests which is not a bad thing; Carl Roger’s On Becoming A Person – find and be you, separate from and unique, and actualize your desires; and Richard Bach’s Illusions – things are not what they seem; we do not live in one reality, everyone lives in their own, anything is possible, and some people will kill you for being happy and not living in their reality; were the 4 foundation books/philosophies for me as I read them between the ages of 14 - 18. It was an era of assassinations, civil unrest, war and upheaval and I needed to get bigger and find a much bigger context for being human and Life itself to guide me.

From 3rd grade physical science class, I know that energy never dies, it just changes form, so I knew we never die. Our bodies may decompose but we just go back home to the Universal consciousness that we came from, until we decided to take another body and adventure in the jungles of time and space. This did not jive with the conventional wisdom of the story of being human and life, but I know this kind of gargantuan view of Life was the truer version.

In the 1980’s I got involved in the Human Potential movement, which broke open all kinds lies about emotions and being human, then I found energetic awareness classes like Robert Fritz’s DMA and Creation classes, then I taught that for a while, and always I found more obscure things to read, study, people to learn from, off the beaten path, never the mainstream, and the more I did readings and healings on my own, the more I learned about energy, healing, myself and others.

Two things were true about every modality I ever trained at. I – and you – have the pragmatic answers that are best for me/you inside you, but you do have to clear other people’s energies, opinions, conclusions, assumptions, trainings, etc., out so more of your energy and awareness can be clear and two – none of them ever understood emotions, what they are or their purpose.

In time I found Karla McLaren’s work on Emotions – the books, The Language of Emotions, and The Art of Empathy. She has a number of other incredibly worthwhile books as well.

Emotions are a big part of being human, mental health, thriving, relationships starting with ourselves and others.

Sensitive people, Highly Sensitive people, Empaths, healings, psychics, especially untrained psychics, all have tremendous capacities and awareness that conventional wisdom says don’t exist.

But these vast aspects and capacities are every bit as part of us and to deny them is crazy making.

Just as every psychic sense is an octave above every physical sense – physical sight, hearing, sensation, etc., with clear seeing – clairvoyance; clear hearing – clairaudience; clear knowing – claircognizance; emotions are similar.

There is the anger that is your body letting you know that a boundary has been breached or needs to be set for you personally, but it can also be telling you of the potency that will be required to change something in the society, like social justice issues.

Never before had any of the energy work I had found, studied and practiced provided the truth of what emotions are and how to use this vocabulary of the body.

Emotions are essential navigational information to facilitate and assist us in making the best choices and take the most empowering actions for our own greatest good, and planting that into the collective culture, which is to the greatest good of everyone.

When I turned 26, I went to a birthday party where some bad guys with guns came in, stole what they could and raped me and another woman before running away while shooting guns.

That night, the story of myself, my life and everything stopped. A whole new story began, but the before and after did not intersect. My life did not continue in a new direction – the life and “me” that I knew stopped existing, and another life and “me” started. It took 17 years for my timeline to merge back into one, and that experience, while I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, gifted & liberated me in more ways than I could ever express.

Doing nearly 5,000 past life, psychic, aura readings, and healings taught me more about techniques, tools, and processes that imaginable and provided a great foundation for how the sessions and classes have evolved.

I never did like codified teachings, and these times are changing so much, so fast, as more and more of us are clearing energies to create and generate greater – as we go LIVE and come out of those old codified re-runs, so much more is possible now, and faster than ever, in this most exciting time to be alive.

We are made for these consciousness-raising times, the days of creating a greater reality with more kindness, magic, and miracles than the old conventions allow. This time and space is what we came here to be part of completely changing. Wahooo!

  • Catholic School to 7th grade

  • First job answering phones at the Rectory of our church

  • Never graduated from anything

  • Autodidactic polymath

  • Energetic Awareness Couch and trainings

  • Emotional healing facilitator

  • Guide of how to cure rat-brain, aka overthinking

  • 5 years intensive training and practice at a psychic institute

  • Trained and taught by Higher Self

  • Lifelong practice of communing with sky, clouds, wind, trees, spaces, and time

  • Worked with nearly 6,000 clients, singularly and now in small Zoom groups

  • Energetic awareness and teaching avocationally for over 30 years before going full-time professionally

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