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In the 3D, Time-Warner version of the world, money is "hard, cold, cash," and "doesn't grow on trees," and to think or say otherwise is just "magical thinking," = unrealistic, problematic, and irresponsible.

Any of that sound familiar?

When you read or hear, "Money is energy," does your body tense up, or relax?

When you look into the next few weeks or months, does your body tense up, because you don't know where the money will come from?

Do you have a history of money being tight? or of working hard for the money but it still just drizzles in?

Do you resist imaging money any other way because your experience with money is "reality" and imaging it any other way, like easier, flowing in more, more fun, and yummy "simply unrealistic and irresponsible," or something like that?

What if you could change the flow of money into your life?

What if you could have more money with more ease?

What if you could have a completely different relationship with money?

What if you could know the energy of money for you – not as defined and etched into hard concrete by everyone else?

This Sunday, we’ll deep dive into wtf is money anyway and some of the pragmagical (pragmatic + magical) processes, tools, and techniques you can begin using immediately to give you MORE space, and more POSSIBILITIES, with Money, RECEIVING and HAVING.

This is a hands-on workshop.

You will be doing energy workout processes, experiments, energetic clearings, and more.

This is not just a class for your analyzer to listen, take notes that may or may not change your mind about how you think about money.

This is a workshop where you get to discover your own hidden or as-yet-unknown ideas, assumptions, conclusions and more about how you hold money, and vibe you are congruent with about money, all of which drastically affects how money does or doesn't flow in your life.

This is an energetic awareness work/play-shop, where you get to explore and discover more of that what goes on within you about money, having, and lacking. And the energy of fun is a big part of all this.

Grab a notebook, your favorite pen, and come to this workshop ready to do a lot more than just listening.

And it doesn’t matter if you are living paycheck to paycheck or are more comfortably off financially than you’ve ever been – if you are stuck on or around money, where’s it coming from, do you/can you have enough and how much is enough anyway – this call is for you.

Sunday, September 13, 2:00 – 5:00 pm EST

3 Hour Zoom Workshop live

We may run over time, depending on the energy

Receive recordings within 24 hours

Zoom video plus MP3

PLUS MP3 of Clearings for replay

PDF of Clearings

This is a $500 value

Investment – You decide.

Suggested sliding scale $25 - $300

Why such a range? Because I want to these high powered, liberating tools, techniques, and information to get into the hands and hearts and minds of all who desire and know that Change IS the only way FORward.

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What else is possible now?



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