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Belonging & Being YourSelf

Have you ever longed to fit in? to belong? to be one of the crowd?

The urge to belong is often considered to be a natural urge to be loved, and I won’t dispute that. On a certain level, sure.

But if you – your thoughts and judgements – never leave you stranded or abandonded; if you never judge, criticize, critique yourself; if you are 100% On Your Side, with clear eyes, seeing all that you do and lovingly guiding yourself TOwards what you desire and require, and never make yourself wrong when do make yourself Less, on the road to outgrowing doing that, because that is the #1 way to “fit in” and “belong” in this reality, you will be creating a whole new reality to live in.

Big stuff.

Easy does it.

But in this time, we have had easy beat out of us and we only measure by the 2X4, by the MAC truck, but the hard.

We’ve gotten so desensitized, it makes it even crazier to be a Highly Sensitive type, psychic, attuned to energy, aware, because now there are hard spot as well as soft spots, and it’s impossible to figure it all out.

And that’s the great news.

People are realizing, waking up to the fact that figuring it out is a distraction, and a trap, and a lie.


Be calibrated to the feather, not the MAC truck.

Fitting in means not only can you not be you – because you’re too sensitive, too aware, too perceptive, not hip enough, not thin/rich/cool enough and all the things – you can’t be you or “they” won’t like or accept or protect you.

To prezel yourself enough so “they” will like you and want to keep you around, you have to agree with them, somewhere inside of you, that how you are IS too… [fill in the blanks]

You also have to overlook and ignore the fact that you don’t even like “them,” it’s just that “they” are the only ones you see to hang out with – because not fitting in is familiar.

It is all very screwy.

You have to screw, twist, manipulate, sublimate your Self to fit in, with people you don’t even like but feel compelled to fit in with them because what will it mean about you if you don’t have “them” or “him” or “her” in your life?

See how loopy it all is?

And no amount of figuring it out will ever figure it out.

Now – what if you could unplug and dis-charge all of this, and start to sense/feel more of the lusciousness that is the primary goal to fitting in?

What if you could get all the yummy you desire and require, and have an experience of life that is ease filled, adventurous, energizing & fun – and have people in your life that have those values and that taste for Living too – same as you?

I’ve worked with a ton of people – there’s always that one person that does not like and will not soften towards you.

We end up living to please them, to show them this or that – living to prove or disprove how right/wrong they are about you.

It’s not only exhausting, it’s painful and completely invalidating of all your amazing charms and capacities – things that other person uses as examples of how inadequate you are, and ignores the rest, no matter what – and then you are living out their version, definition, judgement of you, either by defending for or against it, or agreeing or resisting it. No matter which direction you’re taking, you are validating, strengthening and proving that other person’s point of view.

The exact opposite of being you, being at ease, energized and nourished by being You.

There are tools and processes, easy to do, easy to learn, they just take some practice but they start working before they make rational sense. After that, you keep using the tools and sure enough, you’re outrageously comfortable and at peace with yourself, way beyond the legal limit of what’s acceptable or allowed! Especially for the holidays.

The first magic tool to use it – Who does this belong to?

Followed by – Return to sender with consciousness.

The point of questions is on to find answers, new definitions, reframing and other intellectual pursuits, but to all the repeated question to flush out all that other people’s information, all those answers you’ve read or been told by others, and once the metaphorical pipes are clear, you can ask and ask, and an awareness of something that is light and true for you, but that you didn’t think up, will rise up from within you, one it has the space. Once you’ve turned off a few hundred TVs and radios in your head.

It’s the season of intensity, in a year and decade whose mission is intensity, and that transformation that is underway is so much more ease for your body/mind when you are not trying to figure things out and instead – follow the energy; follow the light.

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