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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

All of your energy and attention is with and in your body – no buzzing, no extra chatter in your head or muscles, completely at ease and relaxed yet ready to go.

Ease is a state of being when your muscles are relaxed, yet you are energized.

All of your energy and attention is with and in your body – no buzzing, no extra chatter in your head or muscles, completely at ease and relaxed yet ready to go.

Ease is no barriers to anything.

Ease is no defending for or against anything, no judgment, no investment, and the opposite of numb: completely aware and not waiting for anything.

Ease is the state where no matter what happens, you’ve got this.

Ease is the state where the Universe can send you More than you’ve had words or thoughts for, and you have no barriers to perceiving and receiving all of it, delightedly.

Sometimes people ask about, “All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory,” as if it is an unrealistic or unwise thing.

Questions like what about receiving judgment, or jealousy, or hate – you’d want to defend yourself against those, right?

So, notice how your body responded to reading the first part, then how your body responded to the words in that last sentence… Did you notice your body got tight, tense and went back on Alert?

The way society has been operating has you convinced that the most responsible, reasonable, practice, adult, sensible way to operate is on high alert in social situations, at work, interacting with coworkers, supervisors and/or managers, all authorities in fact, and everyone and everything else.

Hence all the coffee, espressos, Red Bulls and so-called energy drinks, all of which, ironically, deplete your body of its own power and replaces it with jittery-and-anxiety-inducing chemicals, none of which can possibly support and nurture your body and your self in the real world.

One of the lies operating in the culture is that you are not enough, your body is not enough, your energy is not enough, your energy is too much, and – this Thing (product you buy) is better. AND it makes you more like others/the advertised, made-up, unrealistic “Ideal” – so you MUST do that.

By the time you’ve taken in all that and judged what you have to defend for or against in all that, you’re depleted and armored up already.

That’s no way to live.

I have a client who used to be a high-powered administrator in one of the largest employers in the nation. She came to me to deal with some energies and entities that were invading and plaguing her.

During that first 6 month period, we had sessions 3 x week for clearings, during which time she started to thaw out and learn how to sense/feel what her energy felt like and what this other energy that had been with her all her professional life that was not hers.

By the end of the six months, she could tell what was hers and what was not and slough off easily whatever was sticky or anxiety producing, and turn up her own energies, giving herself more power and comfort without having to defend for or against anything or anyone.

In a situation where a new supervisor who had it in for her was threatening when we began, and she was living in a state the exact opposite of ease – she completely turned it around for herself and lo and behold, that person moved on from being her supervisor, and it made no difference to her by then. She’d gotten to where her days were ease and joy and glory, no matter what anyone else did or said.

She’s continued to take classes and have healing sessions for the fun and delight of it, for her body, bank account, travel funds and for the sheer expansive joy of operating more and more in ease, joy and glory as an infinite being with a fantastic body.

That’s the thing about ease and joy and glory – the more you live in that state, it truly doesn’t matter what anyone else does because you will just spin it into gold for yourself anyway.

The A+B=C world says all truths, knowledge and information are outside of you, and all you can do it resist or accept.

Bodies love energy work because it’s all about sloughing off such lies meant to control you, and bring you back to the excelling at navigating by energy that you were born with.

Join me on the Call tomorrow at 3:00 pm EST and let’s clear what blocks you from living in more ease and joy and glory.

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