Pink Moon

Recently, right at 11pm a church has run its bells. I'd been thinking it was people's way of honoring & thanking the medical community. And last night someone added playing taps on their horn. Seemed like they thought to include the dead, which I thought was a good idea.

Just now, tonight, instead at 11pm, a torrential rain happened. For about a minute. The Natural world granting us all a moment of blessing, as if to say - it's all going to be okay. It'll be hard, people's bodies will die, but they won't.

The ISness of them will move on, evaporate from the jungles of time and space and reabsorb into the Infinite consciousness that all cells and atoms swim in.

The Pink Moon, John Prine passing on, the moment of torrential rain... tears are the only way the body can release certain toxins. Karla McLaren talks about how tears help us wash away what is no more, what we've outgrown...

This whole In Between time as the world stops man's constructed machines of domination, and destruction; giving us the Time Out the powers that be refused to take.

This mini-storm that came up reminds me of when my Mom died, March 27 many years ago. Something very similar happened.

As she lay there, taking her last breaths, all of us surrounding her in the wee hours of the night, a wind came up out of nowhere. I'd only ever read about a wind that shook the house, but that night the windows rattled and the house shook.

The baritone windchimes next door were peeling madly, all the chaos of creation crashing down until her breathing just stopped, and in that same moment, the wind stopped too, and I knew - it had been the beating of the wings of the host of angels coming to meet and carry her off, to make one more of her dreams come true - to fly free like a bird.

There is no tear without the sweetness that is transforming... the tears are the washing the doorsill clean, as we enter that next adventure. Be sweet to you, my friends, and lower your barriers to all the alchemy that is afoot on the planet these days. Be sweet to you, and everything else will come to rights. <3 - Delia Yeager



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