I have helped many people find peace. Here is what some of them say:

“How do you do that? How do you come up with the exact words I hadn’t even found yet? And now – I feel lighter, I can see more possibilities. I feel hopeful!” S.R - Alexandria

“Being on the 7 Day Challenge call has changed my life. It’s mind blowing. Everything is different. Now when I’m talking to those crazy people I work with, I just ask and repeat some questions from the call, while I nod my head to the crazy, but I’m no longer going crazy too! This is miraculous, and even fun, I gotta say. So much more than what they say truly IS possible now, for me! Amazing.” A.L. - DC

“Things and people are so stressful these days with Covid and everything, and I know the stress I my body is not mine, so I just blow roses when I’m talking to someone who’s upset. While I blow roses, they calm down. I don’t know what they are aware of, but they calm down and get more at ease. I love this magic!” E.R - Seattle

“I’ve been through so much in the past year. A tumor, a couple of operations, my family. Through it all, I use the techniques you taught me, and I’ve been okay… better than okay. I’ve gained so much awareness and understanding through all this, knowing my body is doing for me what I couldn’t. So grateful, Delia. Truly.” E.G. WA state

“Now I know why you say, “better than you’ve never even imagined.” My life is now better than I never could have imagined 2 years ago. Thank you, Delia!” T.G. Maryland

“I have contracts with government agencies. I was going crazy and freaking out all the time from dealing with them. Now, I use some techniques all the time. When I’m on the phone or Zoom with them silently using the techniques, the most amazing things happen, including breakthrough solutions and even just a few minutes of them calming down. This energy stuff is truly amazing. Yay!” I F London

After the accident a few years ago, they said I’d always have headaches. In my first ever session with you, you made my headache go away, for the first time in years, in something like 2 minutes. It’s a miracle, or magic. And now, the weekly group calls – I love the support, and learning to live in my power to change everything. Wahoo! What else is possible now?! P.F DC

As a black woman working in the police force for nearly 20 years, overlooked for promotion while white men with less time get promoted, and in one call with you, Delia, I feel like a 1K weight has been lifted, and I can see What Is without making me crazy anymore. The things you’ve taught me are unbelievably great. I feel so much lighter, and what was making me crazy, now makes me laugh! Wow. R.V. Australia

In my first session with you, you told me that I didn’t have “trust issues,” and my body spontaneously spasmed and shivered, and when it stopped, I was crying and laughing. Coming from a family that’s always both denied and blamed me for my father’s incesting me, telling me I had “trust issues,” so they didn’t have to face what everyone knew but no one talked about – and now, I am free! from all their insanity! Never would have believed this kind of peace and joy was possible for me. I’m not the crazy one!!! O.C. LA

In my first session with you, Delia, I got more peace, more clarity and more joy than I’d gotten in years of therapy for all the crap that happened to me as a kid. Now, I don’t have to resist or agree with my family, and when that makes them crazy, none of it makes me crazy anymore. At least, not for long! So grateful for you, Delia! You are amazing!… S. A. LA

“In the clearings, sometimes you use the exact words in my head! It’s freaky, but afterword’s I feel soooo much lighter, clearer and everything is literally brighter!” N.R. Austin

I thought everything in life was a problem to solve. Now, I don’t! Now I create something Else, and I’m so much more at ease, and make more money, have more time, and enjoy everything more than I thought possible. Wahooo!! D. M. NM

I feel lighter, brighter, and excited, though I couldn’t say what about. I like it! V.D. LAs

You’re amazing, Delia. I’ve never done anything like this, when you say the exact right words and do that thing you do, and then I feel lighter, brighter, clearer – the room even looks brighter! I feel like I can do anything! Thank you! S. M. Arlington, VA

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