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Thanks Giving Tune-Up

Do you become mush around your family? or irritated? or ittitating?

Do you revert to feeling like a teen-ager; misunderstood, petulant, aggravated and aggrevating?

Did you know that even before we meet up with family and others' that we have a long history with, we start to revert and reorganize how we are to how we were with them before? How we "used to," and "always," were with them?

Even (especially) older people go through this and can appear to be, "out of touch," because the dynamics they are reverting to aren't active anywhere else, but in the past.

No matter how much you love your mother, father, sister, brother, this can be the time of year - from now till January!) - when "things come up." A time when old wounds and dynamics, conclusions, decisions, assumptions, definitions and projections are all fired up once again.

The slights, the judgments, the competition, the sadness, the lack or loss - it can all be ramping up again for the holidays.

And because we aren't living at home anymore, or are all grown up or have survived those who have passed on, these energies may get activated.

And it can be even more confusing the older you are, since those situations and circumstances haven't happened in many years.

These 2 calls are designed to clear energies without having to track them down enough to put into words, or name the situations or anything - just clear the energies!

Did you know you can clear the causal energies, and then they don't play out anymore?

Did you know that your beliefs and point of view create your reality? And you can change them, and everything?

Did you know that you can feel better faster than you'd ever imagined? Like - in 90 seconds? Physically and energetically.

Did you know that you can relisten to these recordings over and over, and get more and more relief both in the moment, and cumulatively?

Some handy tools to have in your hand for all of this are:

1 - send energies that don't belong to you back to whoever they came from. It is a kindness.

Repeat till you feel a shift in your body (feeling better)

"Return to sender with consciousness. Return to sender with consciousness. Return to sender with consciousness. Return to sender with consciousness. Return to sender with consciousness."

2 - Remember; don't take things personally. Whatever others say, even if you specify that it's about you, it's actually all about them; their wounding, their emotions, their story. Be kind to you and them by not taking anything personally.

3 - Sometimes people dislike you for all the right reasons. By that I mean if you have racists in your family and they don't like you because you like and support all people no matter their race, creed or anything, then there are people who don't like you for all the right reasons. You believe in what you believe in - and that's wonderful! Keep it up! They don't have to change for you to be you, it's not your job to change them, and you don't have to change for them. Win-win-win.

And if you want more tools, tricks and processes to clear off the old and relish the Giving Thanks of this year, you can join in the 3-Day Zoom that starts this afternoon by clicking here if you're ready to feel better, physically and emotionally, faster than you'd thought possible, and more long-lasting.

You can have your back, no matter what, and from that you can thrive more and create greater. An absolute win-win for all.

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