The Power of Trees

Yesterday I was working for the first time with a young woman who is aware that she has capacities with communicating with people who have died. She had some trepidation about it all, and was asking about how to gain seniority with it all.

She also has affinity with plants.

So we experimented.

I asked her to close her eyes and to allow her body to sink back into the chair, and allow the chair to take all her weight, and to open herself to receiving everything that Universe was gifting to her through the cells and atoms of the chair she was resting in… and to allow herself to receive it all, from the chair and floor beneath her and the oxygen all around her… breathing easily and without rushing… and to expand out to include the tree just outside the windows, and to receive from the tree.

At that, she opened her eyes and said urgently, “But the trees are in pain.”

I asked her to close her eyes again, and to go back to gifting and receiving with the chair and the air, and to create and destroy roses to clear the tree of all the projections, definitions, assumptions and energy between her perception and the tree’s energy. And then I asked her what she was aware of now.

I asked, “Is the tree in pain?”

“No!” she said, shocked.

I asked, “was the energy you were perceiving earlier the programming, projections and limitations of the tree’s and nature’s power, that’s currently being used to control and manipulate people?”

“Yes!” she could see it.

“Are the planet and the trees and the bees and the flowers and the animals powerless in all this?”

“No! They are very powerful! But the story of them, how we’re told to see them, strip them of their power! OMG!”


“Okay, so now look at the tree NOW, this this awareness and energy. What do you see now?”

“It has all this vitality and … wisdom, but people aren’t listening.”

“Can you hear it?” I asked.

“Yes, I can.” She said.

“Can you write down what you hear? Can you commune with the trees now?” I asked.

“Yes! I can! I most certainly can!” she said excitedly.

In that moment, whole new worlds opened up for her. She said she could see possibilities that had not existed in her world half an hour before, and this new awareness changed everything for her.

See – we ask, what else is possible NOW? Because up until a minute ago, we were closed off from those millions of possibilities by what we knew was true, (you can’t talk to trees and they are all in pain) that isn’t.



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