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What if a Zoom call could honestly change your life?

I remember the first time was on a call with energy clearings and when she asked what we noticed, I really did feel ... something good, something like relief, more relaxed, less buzzy-headed.

she'd said something I'd heard for years, and knew, intellectually - that our beliefs create our reality. But I had tried to track down my beliefs for years and never could.

On that first call. she was talking about was I fighting with money, throwing it away, and refusing it?

Or was I caught in a needy, trapped relationship with money, repelling it before it could ever reach me?

Or was a ready for a luscious, dirty, sexy, fun, and easy relationship with money, full of ease & flow?

It kinda creeped me out when she talked about a dirty, sexy relationship with money, but I liked the fun idea.

And I was absolutely sick of the need/repulse relationship I'd had for as long as I could remember.

I'd only ever had an oscillating relationship with money, that involved me not being in control, but being a victim to money and need.

But In that one Zoom call, I got more UNstuck and un-crazy about money, need, desire, & require with money than I'd ever experienced in my life.

I could feel the space of possibilities opening up around me like ... cool spaciousness, less pressure, more room to move in.

Within a week I made my first $5,500 sale to a woman who became a client and friend and is to this day.

If you're ready for more ease and flow in every area of your life, we'll start with New Money Call tomorrow.

We'll have a great time with techniques, tools, practices, each helping you feel better, more at ease, and more in charge with every one we do.

Whether you've done one of my money calls before or not, you'll get more freedom and flow with money - and everything you desire and require to receive - right away.

By the way - money is seeking you out as much as you are seeking it, because it knows you will employ and send it into places in the world that no one else will. That artist whose work you love, or that shop with all the amazing items - they want you to have money, too. Money and things that desire to contribute to your life are asking for you now, more than ever. Every cell and atom has consciousness and you have great awareness, so you know this is true.

I hope to see you on the call!

Event & Registration info - click here.

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