• Delia Yeager

Winds of Change

Everybody knows this feeling - waiting for the other shoe to drop. (wftostd)

An ugg, a hot potato in the pit of your stomach, can’t sleep enough or at all. It manifests as so many various sensations in the body, aka takes many forms.

In the New Age World, or the positive thinking, or the emotional manipulation imitation, which is often called choice but is really reaction, once something is labeled, it’s time to get it gone or ignore it.

But listening to it, being in respectful and playful conversation with it does more to transform anything than labels, which lead to conclusions and definitions and resistance ever could.

Wftostd – Waiting for the other shoe to drop – can mean many things.

New Age and Psychology usually say, in a sweeping generalization, that wftostd is unfounded anxiety, an inappropriate reaction, an old habit stuck on replay, something to get over because it can’t possibly be useful information now.

But even if wftostd is an old message stuck on replay, why is it coming up in this moment?

What if waiting for the other shoe to drop is a label for an energy/sensation that actually contributions and communicates more than what you’ve been told or previously imagined – or an awareness you had that you were talked out of by “conventional wisdom?”

What if the waiting for the other shoe to drop label for this energy is misleading?

What if this energy/sensation is an invitation to get excited – like for an adventure?

An energy/sensation telling you that you’re ready for something beyond the known, aka an adventure?

What if this energy is announcing to you that the Universe and your Higher Self are excited to bring this next new person/place/thing/possibility into your life and it’s almost here!!!

What if this energy is excitement, anticipation of the unknown, like the unknown is fun, alive, and full of ease and joy and glory for you to dance in?

When you are fully conscious and alive - not unconsciously stuck in or clinging to reruns and predictability where nothing that hasn’t gone before is remotely possible in the future – you do not know what the future holds, and love that feeling of the unknown, adventure and being alive & awake.

Convention says you “should” know what tomorrow will be – like, by the 8th grade.

That assumption and mandate right there is crazy and crazy making, just so you know.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop can mean you are not safe; that the people you live with and/or the environment you school or work in is not safe.

That energy can be telling you that you are being gaslighted by some one/people that you are in close relationship with.

It can be telling you that what others are telling you and what’s really going on do not match up, in a harmful or dangerous way.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop can be telling you to get the hell out of some relationship, place, or situation.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop can be telling you that you spent your whole growing up years, or the past __ years being gaslighted, trying to fit in, bending, folding and mutilating yourself so others would keep or protect or love you, even though they never have and never will, either because they are incapable, or unwilling, or both.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop can be not only very useful information to be listened to and acted upon, but the Universe and your Higher Self coming to get you – to set you free to live the life of ease and joy and empowerment of being who you truly be, out loud on full blast, all the time and to great affect for your greater good!

Whether it is telling you that you’re required to change your physical or psychological environment, or that adventure and wonder is calling you, this is a fabulously use-full communication from your body.

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