The question opens things up. The clearing de-energizes and clears the energy from your system. The Statement is a declaration to remind all the parts of you that all of life[really does] come to you with ease & joy & glory.


You follow along with the MP4 recording repeating the question and the clearing 11 times each day for 12 days.


There is a handy pdf that you can use to tick off each time you say it so you don’t lose track.


Pick your best time of day – first then when you wake up, for instance, and do the Challenge every day at that time, and see what happens!


Listen every day for 12 days – notice how much More you Have to Enjoy.


12-Day Being Infinite Challange

  • 12-Days: 1 question, 1 statement on one MP3 audio and a pdf. Ready to change your life? Ready? Set? Go go!



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