Welcome to the Amazing Belonging and Defending Clearings Workshop from October, 2020. In this workshop you will receive information about how to BE more you, more FREE and more at ease in all your relationships, especially in your relationship with your sweet, phenomenal Self. Belonging is such a profound pull that psychology gives so much weight to, it makes it especially challenging to have clarity and ease around all 360 degree aspects of all questions and points of view about belonging.


Part 1 of this package covers the 360 degree aspects of Belonging, including clearings that blow away the smog of programming, projections, conclusions and more is so thick on the topic of belonging, it affects all decisions about everything. It’s amazing. And the less interference you have on the topic of belonging, the more EASE and FREEDOM of choice you have about–everything!


Part 2 is about Defending, specifically about Defending Against You. Defending against being yourself, where you agree–knowingly and unknowingly–with the social norms that say only A is good and nothing else is as good as, or other limiting, hilariously narrow and biased ideas that are permeating the culture, with the help of everything being on the bias of commercial sales. Defending against being you is rooted in those programming, convention, social pressure lies of conformity with the supposed pay off of belonging. It’s a heady bargain, a double-edged sword, that never pays off! Time to clear all that, too! 


These two calls and clearings can reshape your life, to better suit and empower YOU! Suggested listening to the clearings 30 x each–and more!


Watch and experience so much of your life and business simply unknot!I am soooo glad you are here!

Belonging and Defending Package

  • This workshop has:

    • 3 recordings of Zoom video
    • 3 of the audio-only
    • 2 pdfs.

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