This call focuses on clearing blocks to generating and having more money, ease, joy & thriving, and it's broken up into 3 sections, each with it's own video and MP3. 


We open with the Clearings, and there is a pdf of the clearings as well. There is some variation of the learings on the LIVE call as they tend to change when we're in the energy of the call Live. 


Second is the Discussion portion of the call. This is hightly useful  information , and is about 10 minutes.


Third section is a yummy, expansive Energy Pull and Money Pull. SO great!


All these files are sent to your email immediately after purchase, so your expansive fun can begin right away!

Clearing Blocks to Money Call

SKU: 02072021
  • This workshop has:

    • 3 recordings of Zoom video
    • 3 of the audio-only
    • 2 pdfs.

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