Do you ever feel like you care too much?
Like you take too much care of... everyone?
Not that you don't love caring and doing for others, just that sometimes, you suddenly see how you have made no time or space or peace or gifts for you? Everyone else, but not you...

And maybe you're growingly aware of how everyone expects you to do and be everything for them all the time, and secretly feel both loved and furious?

As a natural healer, all this is spot on.

It's not that they or you are bad or wrong.

It's just time for you to grow in new ways. Come fully into your own power, and allow others to do all that they are capable of. Even if they complain about it at first.

No more search-and-destroy missions for how and why and who.

Now - we clear the energy to the core.

It's fast. It's thorough. It works better than you think it could, and lasts longer, as you apply your choices going forward.

Clearing People-Pleasing - Holiday Edition

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  • This workshop has:

    • 1 video of the complete Zoom call
    • 1 audio of the complete Zoom call
    • 1 audio of the Clearings from the call
    • 1 pdfs of the Clearings

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