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Zoom Call  Q&A
Teleconference Group calls using Zoom


How do I get on the call?
After you register and pay, you will receive an email with the call-in information. You can use your computer to video conference in and be seen through your video, or don't turn on your video and only your name will be seen. Or you can call in by phone. You won't be able to see me or anything else, but you will hear the call.  All the ways of accessing the call are covered in the email. 
I can't be on all the calls.
You will receive an email after each call within 24 hours. You can join in live when you can, or do the whole program on your own schedule. Since you will receive the MP3s, some people start a day after we begin, then do the whole program as structured - same time each day, but at a time that suits you best. There's no wrong way to do the program.

7 Day Challenge on Abundance

Learning a new practice takes... practice. 

This  7-Day Challenge on Abundance is designed to provide the coaching climate and facilitation so you can develop the muscles of choice and clearing, so you can R E V E I V E  the M O R E and A B U N D A N C E  that the Universe & your Higher Self are constantly conspiring to gift to you, but a lot of programming, other people's realities and information and other entities are in the way of your being able to perceive them - the Infinite Possibilities that are constantly swirling around you, waiting for you to choose them. 

In this training, we will focus on some dynamic yet simple processes and tools, and you will get lots of opportunities during the course of your day to try them out. The more you use them, the easier it all gets, and the more you experience your potency to change your world, your bank account, your reality.  How does it get any better than that?

3:00 pm Eastern  

Sunday to Saturday. January 26 - February 1
Zoom Lives - Sunday and Saturday 3:00 pm

MP3s emailed within 24 hours 

Each weekday a new Live or recording in FB at 3:00 pm

7 days Abundance coaching - $67

What about the FB lives?
These times may vary, but you'll get an email with when they will be, and are always available in the private FaceBook page for easy reviewing at your convenience.

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