Read Me Zooms

READ ME Zoom Series

3 weeks of tools, techniques, processes & clearings

Wednesday’s  January 13, 20 & 27
3:00 pm Eastern / 12:00 pm Pacific
MP3's sent that evening

(so you can energetically do it with us, even if you aren't on the Live Zoom)


Week 1:  Tools & practices to re-new and get into present time more often, more easily

              - Clearing old energies that get in your way

              - Processes effective in getting rid of entities that no longer contribute to you


Week 2:  Bringing to the call your experiences from using the tools during the week – what worked,
                 what you had trouble with

              - Clearings and facilitation in real-time

              - Fine-tuning your READ ME items


Week 3: Tools, processes, clearing contracts and bindings

              - Clearings, tools, and uses

              - Fine-tuning your READ ME items


READ ME is a book that you write. It can be as short as a few sentences, and you can build on it over time.

We will go through processes, so you get more clarity,  go further out beyond what you’ve ever thought of before, making More and Greater than you’ve never imagined more available to you now, in Present Time.


You’ve seen those movies about the person has amnesia and adventures ensue? They “don’t know who they are,” and get to discover all over what they like, don’t like, are able to do, like to do, ways they like to be.

In the movie Regarding Henry, he discovered he liked all sorts of activities and ways of being that his old personality loathed and that he did not like who he used to be much at all.

In the movie 50 First Dates, her head injury is such that she can’t make new memories, and her memory naturally ended the day of but before she was in a car accident. Her new boyfriend made a READ ME book for her to read so her father and brother could stop recreating Groundhog Day for her, and she could come into Present Time every morning. She liked it so much, she started adding to it so she woke up to herself telling her who she was every day. The inspiration for this class title!


The thing is, you are already all day long telling yourself who you are, what you can and can’t do,  what you like and don’t like, what is possible for you not based on what you decided years ago was or wasn’t possible for you, back when you were under the influence of this love interest or that, the regulations of this job or that, a parent or two, guilt, shame, criticisms, projections and more bs that you know, conforming you today, in 2021 – when literally we are living in a new age already but our stories of self, love, money, work, and Life are soo last century limiting and restrictive, and in present time you have green lights and permissions slips all around you!

So - imagine that you had amnesia. Society insists on the sad/loss/blah blah - but really... just imagine not having the weight of all that "history"- his story of who you be - to haul around all the time and justify for or against, or deny or hide, or judge or resist or feel hemmed in by, limited by, defined and shut off from your Whole, Galactic, Wildly Capable Self that is a quadrillion more than the every narrowing story of you by society's every narrowing understand and projections of what a human being actually IS. 


Your READ ME book, that you right, helps you stop living back when, by other’s projections or rules, and start living Now, and Now and Now, with infinite possibilities all around you, that more and more, you can see – and choose.


I won’t lie to you; it’s tricky. Sometimes you may feel like you’re breaking the law or getting away with something. That’s why we have 3 calls – so you have back up.  But I guarantee, if you don’t start doing you differently, making different choices, BEing On Your Side, life is going to go the opposite of more ease, joy & glory – which is your actual true nature.


Wednesdays, January 13, 20, 27

3:00 pm Eastern / noon Pacific  $165

You get:

3 Live Zooms

Recordings sent within 24 hours

Clearings galore!