Tools for Creating More Ease in 2021

Transforming the past to nurture the next era.

 This workshop is very inner-active, so you get to experience the differences between energies, developing greater awareness (psychic abilities) and conscious connection between your sweet body and your Infinite self.

2020 has brought up so many fears, pains, conclusions, assumptions, and more that can be addressed and transformed into more freedom, flow, joy, & abundance. We’ll do this in the workshop, and you’ll be able to take the tools and processes into your everyday life and continue to support yourself beyond what you have in the past.

You’ll get –
- More clarity
- Power-tools to change anything
- Experience changing the things you’d thought you could not change
- Tools to hear your Higher Self / Inner Knowing instantaneously
- Clear contracts and other limitations like never before

What if instead of beating yourself up for not actualizing a bunch of resolutions by Tuesday, you could live listening to and participating with all aspects of you, and co-operate - spirit and body – in a best friends kind of way? Transforming 'normal' from struggling and troubles to more ease, more joy, more empowerment than ever before? What if 2021 does not have to be a continuation of 2020 or a replay of what’s already existed in the past?

This workshop is designed to help participants recognize energy and what to do with energies that don’t belong to you, including the entities hired to prevent you from actualizing the life you know you were meant for. We clear and release them and other old energies to get more clarity and Self back, then nurture and grow what empowers your own true nature & spirit.

Clearings! Tools! Processes! Greater ease in your body and your life!

If now is the time for you to begin to operate AS spirit IN 

your fabulous body, this Class is for you!


As the airlines teach us, you have to put on your own oxygen mask first, and this workshop is designed for exactly that. Heal yourself and you heal the world is solidly true. This workshop includes a lot of great, dynamic energy to support you and all of us in moving to our next level.

Be in a comfortable space where you won’t be interrupted or have competing noise for the 2 hours of the call.

Bring your journal or spiral notebook & pen or pencil: a glass of water, a little sweets and a little salty treats for right after the call, if not during. Energy makes changes in the body!


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DELIA YEAGER is a Master Energy Reader and Healer with extensive experience in many energy and healing modalities, and in training others. Delia has worked with thousands of people giving past-life, Akashic, aura, and Chakra readings and progressing more into addressing and clearing entities of unconsciousness, and more awareness training. These techniques and processes are very simple but also extremely pragmatic, easy to do, and therefore magical – because you really can feel 1000 times better, faster and longer than you previously thought possible.