About Your VIP Package
Are you ready for the change you’ve been desiring, but not finding?


Are you ready for the change you’ve been desiring, but not finding?

Are you ready for more of You, in your mind-body-life than you’ve ever had?

This is a high-level program and when you even think about joining, you might even actually connect to the dynamic, fast-moving energetic field of change we will access during your sessions. You may already be tapping into this field now and feeling excited.

Or this dynamic, fast-moving energetic field can be making the forces that don’t want you stepping up into the Powerful You, nervous, very nervous. If you are feeling some of that. Ask, “Is this nervousness my nervousness? Someone else’s nervousness, Something else’s nervousness?” Anything that isn’t yours, let’s destroy and uncreate it all times a godzillion – banish, terminate, complete, destroy.

What else is possible for you now when you consider being in this program?

What comes up for you when you picture this –

· Weekly one-on-one calls.
· Priority email and messenger access.
· Gold Level – includes priority email and messenger access.
· Help Calls*, for those days when something just comes up.
· Energetic support when you have a difficult challenge.
. It’s like living in miracles and magic – for real.

Your VIP transformation and support package begins with your 1-2 weekly session calls customized specifically for you. It is designed to give you all the tools, clearings (healings) and support you require to step into the real you, that you’ve been trying to get back to - the You that you know you were born to be.

If you get excited or even get tingles thinking about this program, this might be just what you’ve been looking for. Contact me below for a private consultation to see if this program is the perfect fit for you.

Investment: A three-month minimum commitment is required to create this integrated fast change with this dynamic energy field. High performers often start at 9 months to a year. Financial investment begins at $1,000/mo. and is customized to exactly what you require.

Are you ready for more freedom? More space? More Ease in every area of your life? If you could have more ease & energy & money & time - would you take it? Let's do that.

Take a moment, close your eyes, take a nice deep breath, be curious, and without predetermining the answer, simply ask -

Truth - What will your life and the life of the planet be like in 5 years if you don't start this program now?
Truth - What will your life and the life of the planet be like in 5 years if you do start this program now?

Whichever feels the most expansive and yummy - do that!

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At this level of support, I only have capacity for a total of four VIP clients. (Currently there are two spots available.)

Not everyone is chosen, as the desire and capacity to move quickly as well as interact with the fast energetic field is required. Let's talk and see if this is a great fit,

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