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VIP Package

Your Thriving Matters

Focused topics can be anything you choose.


Your Soulopreneur Business – developing your business, rate; Use energy to attract clients, have more fun than you’ve never imagined in your business, and more.

Relationship healings, clearings, liberating all past bonds to find and have more freedom to be you in every relationship forevermore.

Health – clear and restore your spirit-body relationship for more luscious living in your fantastic body every day.

Abuse clearings & restoration – energy processes for you to restore and regenerate with more ease than ever before.


Money/Poverty/Wealth/Success clearing & restoration - clear out all programming, beliefs, limits, misidentified & misapplied everything in your system that has you generating more of the same, and more lack, than the fabulous, luxurious, luscious life and living that You truly Be. 

The more you are comfortable and easy with Receiving, the greater your life gets in every area, and the more you bring that wealth into the world. Literally. 

More ease, joy, permission, fun, freedom in everything you do, and what can you create after that?

All of life comes to us with ease & joy & glory.