Working with Delia
Empowering you, so you can actualize the life you know you were born to live.

If you could have solved or fixed or created whatever it is you want the most by thinking, you'd've done it by now.

But thinking is not the most powerful, magical (anything that can't be explained by A+B=C cable logic) potent or authentic part of you. Don't get me wrong - it is a great asset, but there are lots of kinds of logic, and thinking. And some ways of being are a lot more powerful, and healing, than thinking.

In our session, we focus on what you want to change, and what you want more of. We'll do clearings, where you can release old programming, some that you know about and some that you don't, and clearing the auto-recall of pain that takes over and controls you instead of your free choice.

This work is especially effective with
- things you can't put your finger on
- clearing abuse - clearing #MeToo events
- neck & shoulder tensions
- foreign energy and entities affecting your body, money, any area of your life
- blocks in any area of your life
- problems with head, stomach, or other parts of your body
- PTSD and being stuck and/or being thrown back into that moment without choice or volition
- clarity and tools to own your life more
- empowered to be more You
- experience more of your Infinite self
- more relief than seems likely
- the transformation of being seen - by You

I have been very aware of energy, aka sensitive and intuitive, with a gift for healing since I was a child. In my teens I studied various underground and off the beaten path modalities of energy healing and creating.

I discovered that I could remove headaches and help bodies feel less stressed, more relaxed and relieved in high school. I kept finding alternative information and cutting-edge science that was supporting my own findings about our consciousness and creating our reality. My own #MeToo exprieces kept me on the mission to find how to systemically move past pain and into healed and changed - that kept me looking.

I undertook 4 years of intensive training that included doing 1,000 readings and healings and receiving nearly as many.

When I started my business, I began by reading auras and past lives and etheric bodies.

That work has evolved to clearing the residual emotional energies of ancestors, family and other people, and specializing in clearing interfering energies of thoughtforms and entities, teaching you techniques to use specific to your experience and goals.

The dynamic and potent energy we work with in your session can assist you in making more changes and improvements for you self, and every aspect of your life, a lot faster than you think is possible even.

You play an active role in the session, as well as in going with afterword and blooming the changes in your awareness and perception and choosing to integrate them into your everyday life.

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