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Imagine –

- always knowing what is the right thing for you to say/do/be​
- always knowing how to clear out interference, from others or you!
- always knowing how to access what is true for you, in every situation
- always feeling fabulous, no matter what’s going on around you

- using all your creative life force energy to actualize your dreams, instead of everyone elses


Live Zoom + recording
Clearings pdf +
Clearings MP3 loop

No More other people's energies or programming

Trying to unlearn the program you've operated with since before you can remember is a slow process. 

There's so much constant pressure to react, respond, do what you've always done, do what they want you to do, when they want you to do it, and it's all just gotten more intense with texting and the 24/7 demand for contact. 


In this Zoom, we will focus on some dynamic yet simple processes and tools, and you can feel the difference immediately and start clearing out other’s energies as easy as your daily bathing routine – energy cleansing!

Saturday, February 15
3:00 pm Eastern  
Live Zoom

I can't be on all the calls.
You will receive an email after each call within 24 hours. You can join in live when you can, or do the whole program on your own schedule. Since you will receive the MP3s, some people start a day after we begin, then do the whole program as structured - same time each day, but at a time that suits you best. There's no wrong way to do the program.
Zoom Call  Q&A
Teleconference Group calls using Zoom


How do I get on the call?
After you register and pay, you will receive an email with the call-in information. You can use your computer to video conference in and be seen through your video, or don't turn on your video and only your name will be seen. Or you can call in by phone. You won't be able to see me or anything else, but you will hear the call.  All the ways of accessing the call are covered in the email. 
What about FB?
Zooms that meet over time will have a private Facebook Group so participants can post questions, celebrations, and see memes related to the program topic. 
Single-day events normally do not have a private FB group page.